About Us


Three companies combined their experience and technologies to create Millpro, Inc. Their unique product and services offer solutions to the changing demands of industry, while providing better efficiencies and increased safety.


Innovative Control Technologies (ICT)

Industry leading consultants on mill modification



Benetech, Inc.

Industry leader for liquid injection systems, installation and execution



Hazard Control Technologies (HCT)

Experts on chemistries that rapidly reduce the temperature of hot coal




Together, ICT, HCT and Benetech have over 80 years of combined experience in coal fired power plants. From firsthand knowledge, these industry leaders recognized the need for an improved mill inerting process. Unlike traditional systems that react once temperatures are dangerously high, their mission was to created a system that would proactively monitor and control temperatures. With an overall goal to improve safety and reduce downtime, the REVOLUTIONARY, PROACTIVE MillPro® Protection System was born.